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Fifth generation iPad rumoured for release in March 2013
from TGDaily on Wed, 26 Dec 2012 15:59

Apple is now rumored to launch the next generation iPad in March 2013 as well as a second generation iPad Mini

Gameloft cuts many game prices to 99 cents, wants screen time on your gift phone
from Engadget on Tue, 25 Dec 2012 07:57

More than a few of us are getting phones and tablets as gifts this year, and Gameloft wants to be there the moment we're hunting for new apps to feed our devices

WSJ: Acer Iconia B1 tablet hitting in early 2013, priced at around $99
from Engadget on Tue, 25 Dec 2012 00:08

More info on that ultra budget tablet from Acer that made a sketchy FCC appearance roughly a week or so ago: The Wall Street Journal's been chatting with a "person with direct knowledge," who offered up an intriguing price tag of "around $99" for the Iconia B1

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N5100 possibly seen testing, may put quad Exynos in a small tablet
from Engadget on Mon, 24 Dec 2012 22:52

Feeling that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 7

Ramos W32 Android tablet powered by Intel's Medfield chip
from TGDaily on Mon, 24 Dec 2012 20:54

Ramos is currently prepping one of the first Android tablets powered by Intel's Atom Z2640 (Medfield) processor - a 1

Archos 97 Titanium HD tablet goes Retina
from TGDaily on Mon, 24 Dec 2012 19:34


Nokia Windows RT tablet rumored to pack a battery-equipped keyboard cover
from Engadget on Mon, 24 Dec 2012 17:05

The murmurs surrounding a 10-inch Nokia tablet are growing louder, and they suggest that the company won't just follow the herd

Google's 'Happy Holidays from Android' gets you in the spirit with an unannounced Nexus 10 dock (video)
from Engadget on Sat, 22 Dec 2012 06:49

It's hardly the biggest reveal of the month, but Google's cheery "Happy Holidays from Android" video served to convey more than the search giant's heartfelt seasonal message -- it's also the launching ground for a Nexus 10 tablet dock

TransPhone modular smartphone / tablet goes Pro, still looks like a beginner
from Engadget on Sat, 22 Dec 2012 04:16

ASUS' PadFone 2 may be the only notable contender in the phone-in-tablet space, but it does have a cheapo me-too in TransPhone

Archos 97 Titanium HD tablet combines Retina display prowess with an obtuse name
from Engadget on Sat, 22 Dec 2012 02:29

Can a single company produce too many Android tablets? Archos surely doesn't think so

Animoog 2.0 for iPad helps you crank out hits with accelerometer-controlled modulation
from Engadget on Sat, 22 Dec 2012 01:11

Building up your beat lab's equipment arsenal to finish up production on that 80s-themed mix-tape that you've been working on? Then you might want to check out Animoog 2

Did the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro just hit the FCC?
from Engadget on Sat, 22 Dec 2012 00:33

Tablet lovers who've been eying Microsoft's elaborately named Surface with Windows 8 Pro may be one step closer to getting it in their hands now that a mystery Microsoft tablet, the 1514, has swung through the FCC's approval process

Bodhi Linux runs Google's Nexus 7 tablet
from TGDaily on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 21:31

Google's Nexus 7 is quite the versatile device, as it is capable of running various flavors of Linux and Chromium, as well as its native Android operating system

Facebook Poke app now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad -- because, why not?
from Engadget on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 21:20

It's pretty tough to "Poke" someone -- digitally, anyway -- with a straight face

HTC in Windows 8 tablet push
from TGDaily on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 20:37

Remdond has been heavily promoting its Microsoft Surface RT tablet for months now, although sales of the device have been less-than-stellar, at least compared to Android devices and Apple's iPad

Amazon Kindle app for Windows 8, RT adds in-app book purchases for touchscreens
from Engadget on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 20:02

Amazon's Kindle app for Windows 8 and RT was one of the first to reach the Windows Store, but it hasn't been very seamless for those purchasing more e-books from a touchscreen

Possible Asus ME172V images leak out, give credence to earlier benchmark results
from Engadget on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 10:48

All a good rumor needs sometimes is a couple of images, and thanks to a Russian retailer, the 7-inch Asus ME172V has turned from some benchmark figures into a solid possibility

Bloomberg: HTC will introduce 7-inch and 12-inch Windows RT tablets in 2013
from Engadget on Fri, 21 Dec 2012 04:34

Well, it looks like Microsoft has changed its tune about HTC's "experience" when it comes to churning out tablets

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet goes up for pre-order at $649
from TGDaily on Thu, 20 Dec 2012 23:38

There are several Windows 8 pro tablets on the market powered by Intel' Atom Z2760 processor

Report: Acer prepping a $99 Android tablet
from TGDaily on Thu, 20 Dec 2012 21:58

Acer is reportedly prepping a new 7-inch Android tablet that will carry an uber-low price tag of $99